About Us

Scale Venture Partners (ScaleVP) invests in early-in-revenue technology companies in SaaS, Cloud, Mobile and Internet sectors.


We look for companies that are in early revenue and are ready to scale – as demonstrated in this Infographic. We like to finance companies with big ambitions and take that seriously.  The entrepreneurs we back have committed to building successful companies and pursuing their dreams.  In line, we have committed to partnering with them to effectively scale their business, disrupt industries and grow into long-term companies that matter.


Our investment strategy is predicated on a thesis-based approach — driven by understanding durable, long-term trends within our core focus areas of SaaS, Cloud, Mobile & Internet.  Whether it be the desktop in the cloud, curated commerce or social media marketing, we focus on trends that fundamentally change the landscape of technology and ultimately give rise to the next generation of market leaders.


The value we bring to the table as investors and as board members comes from our backgrounds as sales and marketing executives in the industries we invest in.

The size of our investments often ranges from $5 million to $25 million, with an average of about $12 million over the life of an investment. We always take a board or observer seat in our portfolio companies. We add value where we can, while at the same time making sure that we let the CEO drive. Our value comes from our experiences taking products to market and growing revenue. We help companies’ recruit and partner, we benchmark companies against other winners we’ve seen, and host quarterly events to help our portfolio companies network and leverage each other.

Please contact us if you think that we could be the right partner for you.


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