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Focused on an intelligent future.
Powered by a record of success.

Scale invests in early-stage technology companies that are ready to transition from founder-led growth to go-to-market machine

"From leading multiple funding announcements to marketing funnel analysis, the Scale team worked as part of our team to set up processes the right way, before we had the bandwidth to hire full-time resources."


Investing in the new era of intelligent software

We are in the early innings of a technology platform shift catalyzed by AI. We invest in companies leveraging these technologies to change the way we work.

We invest in great founders building in:

The team
in your corner

We’ve built our team to complement yours.

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Go-to-market advisory

Take the guesswork out of scaling

We help our portfolio companies become GTM machines with advisory, expert networks, and benchmarking data tailored to your business.

Scale insights

Latest news and insights

Out of the hype cycle: Fintech’s reversion to the mean

At first glance, things in fintech don’t look great. Since the highs of 2021, we’ve seen few successful public...

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