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The financial services industry and the corresponding products enabling the movement of money have been a core focus area for Scale for the last two decades. Looking towards the future, we don’t see the pace of change in the fintech ecosystem slowing down and continue to focus on supporting the disruptors and enablers tackling these challenges, from the infrastructure layer to user-facing applications. 

Fintech is a massive sector, and the opportunity for automation-first fintech exists in all segments of the industry. Payments are continually evolving to solve for new customer needs and global modalities across consumer and enterprise landscapes. As novel data sets become available, lenders can leverage these inputs to build a better understanding of risk or distribute products through software channels purpose-built for one vertical. Asset management remains complex, opaque, and expensive and the corporate finance function is in some ways as manual today as it was decades ago. And, across this entire landscape is an ever-changing need to understand identity, authenticate users, identify fraud, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

As a firm, we see opportunities in this ecosystem across all types of buyers, whether that be consumers, SMBs, enterprises, credit unions, or the largest of banks. While not prescriptive, we have a particular focus on products that solve pain points for customers through automation helping provide more seamless workflows paired with AI-enabled efficiencies. 

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