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Capturing a Growing Market: Our Investment in PeopleMatter


    We are pleased to announce our investment in PeopleMatter. PeopleMatter provides an integrated cloud platform for online hiring, training, compliance, analytics and scheduling designed for hourly workers – think a SuccessFactors solution with scheduling for TGI Fridays employees.

    Hourly workers comprise over half of America’s workforce, yet it remains a hugely underserved market.  Many businesses that employ hourly workers are still operating on paper processing for applications, schedule spreadsheets and disjointed payroll.  Add in new compliance regulations from ObmamaCare and the cost of not automating an HR system can be overwhelming.

    PeopleMatter is disrupting the industry by providing an easy to use, automated process for the service industry to manage all of their people, processes and paperworkonline.  At the same time, it is providing hourly workers with a centralized system to manage their processes from applying to jobs to switching shifts, all from the ease of their mobile devices.

    The intersection of cloud and mobile, powered by SaaS, is a natural fit for ScaleVP.  Even more important, PeopleMatter has used these tools to truly transform an industry and chart a new path. PeopleMatter CEO, Nate DaPore, and his team have built a great product that is setting a new standard for managing hourly workers — in fact; the company recently celebrated a major milestone by processing its one-millionth applicant.  But that is just the start – we see an ongoing opportunity for success in a company that has built it right from the ground up.  We are looking forward to working with Nate and the board to further scale the business and transform the industry.

    By Rob Theis.

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