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Doubling Down on Digital Marketing: Our Investment in Demandbase


    No other department has changed as dramatically over the years as marketing. The shift from offline to online and the ability to track, analyze, and optimize marketing spend has given way to a new era of marketers.

    ScaleVP has invested in this evolution of digital marketing since the beginning.  In 2005, we spotted a movement toward cloud-based, web analytics, leading to our investment in Omniture.  In 2009, we saw that marketer reliance on direct mail was rapidly declining in favor of email marketing. This trend informed our subsequent investment in ExactTarget (NYSE: ET).  In that same year, we noticed the growing prominence of inbound marketing and invested in Hubspot. And finally, in 2011, there was no denying the impact of social on marketers, leading to our investment in Vitrue and DataSift.

    Today, we are thrilled today to announce our investment in Demandbase – a real-time targeting and personalization platform for B2B companies.

    Through its unique targeting capabilities, Demandbase enables clients to understand who the web site visitors are and serves up personalized landing pages, content, and forms that match their interest. In an environment in which buyers are constantly bombarded by marketing messages, Demandbase empowers clients to break through the noise and deliver higher conversion rates through relevant content.

    Most importantly, Demandbase’s technology works and marketers love it.  In a recent CEO and CMO summit that ScaleVP hosted to discuss the “Reconciliation of Freemium and Sales”, Demandbase was touted as a must-have solution for B2B marketers looking to drive web leads.  Furthermore, we learned that a majority of our existing tech portfolio uses them.

    Demandbase continues to innovate, expanding its product portfolio to include targeted marketing solutions that focus ad spend on companies ready to buy.

    This is the next wave in B2B digital marketing. ScaleVP is excited to work with Chris and the team to further scale the organization and lead the charge for personalized marketing in the B2B space.

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