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How we scaled this: Prospecting to generate pipeline


    Welcome to How We Scaled This, a series where you can learn from experts how they led crucial aspects of their GTM strategy. 

    Without selling, there is no scaling. A healthy pipeline is critical for startups to achieve their growth targets. Everyone knows they need to prospect—it’s just usually at the bottom of their task list day-to-day. This pipeline neglect has two major consequences. The first is that prospecting provides invaluable insight on customer pain points and opportunities. The second is an overreliance on expensive inbound leads. 

    Ralph Barsi, VP of Sales at Kahua, believes that building a strong outbound culture is key to building the habits that lead to better pipeline coverage and better sales. He has done this at organizations like ServiceNow and Tray by running Prospecting Days. 

    Prospecting Day is exactly what it sounds like: a day dedicated only to proactive outbound efforts. By scaling Prospecting Days, Ralph saw over 25% of target accounts engaged, booked almost 80 qualified meetings, and added ~$2M to the pipeline. Not bad for a Tuesday!

    Download the How We Scaled This PDF to learn how to run a productive (and fun!) Prospecting Day that will amplify your sales efforts.

    Ralph Barsi serves as an advisor to go-to-market leaders at Aircover, Scale Venture Partners, and TopHap, to name a few. Currently VP of Sales at Kahua, a leading construction management platform, Ralph has held executive roles at, ServiceNow, Achievers (acquired by Blackhawk Network) and InsideView (acquired by DemandBase). He also mentors and advises a host of SaaS leaders and leadership programs.

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