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How we scaled this: Prospecting with sales development


    At rapidly scaling startups, GTM organizations do not always provide their SDRs with the resources and support they need to be successful. Despite understanding its importance, it can be hard for leaders to slow down and build the foundation on which SDRs will build their success. The cost? Fragmented efforts and half-executed campaigns that don’t lead to positive outcomes, and, in this particular case, a loss of trust in sales development as a function.

    Kristina McMillan, co-founder of Argyle Earth and former VP of Sales Practice at Gartner, was brought in to apply a methodical approach to sales development. Through deep understanding of their buying and a proven prospecting framework, the team doubled their outbound prospecting campaigns executed and increased response rates by 6–10%, and increased response rates by ongoing inbound campaigns by 12-18%.

    McMillan’s approach ensured results through setting clear expectations and providing a repeatable process to follow. This consistency not only led to better outcomes, but gave them a baseline by which they could fine tune their messaging through measuring what worked and what didn’t. Download the full How we scaled this with templates and exercises you can run with your own team.

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