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Market Trends Driving the Need for In-The-Wild Testing


    Complexity is increasing rapidly in the online services. The current proliferation of devices, screen sizes, browsers increases the combinatorial problem that in-house teams face in development and QA. Mobile is where complexity is hitting hardest (and represents the greatest opportunity for uTest).

    For example, world wide the growth in mobile data is predicted to be in excess of 100% per year out to 2014.  Growth is driven primarily by smartphones and portable devices (tablets, notebooks).

    While this represents an opportunity for online businesses; it is something which they appear under prepared for. Based on reports, fully 90% of US online retailers did not have an explicit mobile strategy and very few online resellers have sites / experiences that are optimized for mobile. The shift to the mobile web will create a natural demand for appification/mobilization services. Given the fragmentation of devices/browsers/carriers QA is likely more important in the mobile context.

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