John Gianakopoulos

John Gianakopoulos Vice President

John joined Scale in 2018 and focuses on the firm's investments in SaaS, cloud infrastructure, fintech, and frontier technologies. He was featured on Business Insider's list of up-and-coming financial technology investors and has contributed to the firm's investments in AppOmni, Archipelago, Comet, Spruce, Socure, Scout RFP, Tetrate and Papaya Global (sourced).

Before Scale, John was most recently a Product Manager at Personal Capital where he focused on customer engagement and growth. Previously, he was also a Product Manager at Intuit and launched the first iteration of their QuickBooks Capital lending product, which provided working capital loans to small business owners.

John holds dual degrees in both the business and liberal arts honors programs from the University of Texas at Austin. Outside of work, John enjoys running and playing soccer in Golden Gate Park.