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Four Vital Signs of SaaS: The Definitive Metrics & Benchmark eBook

The Four Vital Signs of SaaS eBook

Metrics accelerate the journey from founder-led sales to a repeatable sales motion. SaaS metrics should be to a management team what patient vital signs are to an emergency room doctor: a simple set of universally understood numbers that allow a doctor to quickly know how ill a patient is and what needs fixing first.

This guide distills over 20 years of data, and two years of blog posts into a definitive guide that looks at why, when, and how to use metrics in scaling a software startup. Each section progresses from a broad overview to more nuanced and precise views of what we call the “Four Vital Signs of SaaS” covering growth, efficiency, churn, and burn. We hope to provide founders a handbook for creating a metrics culture throughout their company. As well as a reference guide for getting the most out of Scale Studio, the benchmarking tool that Scale portfolio companies use to measure their performance.

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eBook table of contents: growth, efficiency, churn & burn

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