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Look Five Years into Your Future with this ARR Projection Tool


    How much will your early-stage SaaS startup grow in the future? We recently wrote about how the new gold standard for growth is 5x during the 12 months after hitting $1M. That calculation is based on Scale Studio data on how top-decile startups perform during that period.

    But by no means is that the only path to success. So we created a new tool to show what those other paths look like, based on your actual current ARR levels. Here’s how it works:

    1. Input your current ARR (in thousands)
    2. Scale Studio compares that revenue level to other companies in the dataset, then generates 5-year projections for each performance tier: top decile (90%), top quartile (75%), median (50%), and bottom quartile (25%)
    3. Optionally, add your email to receive the visualization as an easily-embedded image file
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