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Companies are cutting operational expenses. From our Scale Studio analysis, the median tech startup in 2024 expects to burn less than half of what they did in 2021. If you’re going to make fewer bets, you need to make sure they’re the right ones. Under constrained resources, it’s more important than ever that founders lead with clarity and focus. 

While all opportunities may be valid, executing on them all simultaneously is not how you win. Sydney Sloan, CMO at Drata and Scale GTM advisor, has developed a three step strategy to align on GTM by evaluating, sizing, and selecting the best growth opportunities. As Sydney says, the hardest job for leadership is selecting what the company is not going to do. By narrowing in on growth opportunities, Sydney grew ARR significantly and established a leadership position in a new geography a full year ahead of their competition—plus reduced friction by stopping distracting, lower priority initiatives. 

In this edition of How We Scaled This, Sydney walks through the exercises her team used to align on a strategy and convert that strategy into a tactical plan, as well as how the team tracked their success. Download here, and check out other scaling stories, like How We Scaled This: Prospecting to generate pipeline.

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