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Some reflections on PROMAT 2023: Automation reaching new corners of the warehouse

Autonomy is making its way into more corners of the warehouse - from forklift operations, to depalletizing, to picking, packing, and trailer unloading. Several years ago, there was still a palpable skepticism around whether automation was here to stay. That mindset has now shifted: the same skepticism has been replaced by not just acceptance, but a series of questions around which automation solutions will be the right ones to choose.
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Observations from the Field: The Future of Generative AI

We believe that in this moment of generative AI hype, nothing is more valuable than hearing directly from entrepreneurs and product leaders building in the Generative AI space. That’s why last month we hosted a panel with a group of entrepreneurs and AI practitioners to discuss the key challenges entrepreneurs are facing when it comes to building category-defining generative AI companies.
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