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Tools, templates, and been-to-market learnings

Fixing Your Cost Structure While Preserving Your Upside

Earlier this week I had the chance to sit down with Box CFO Dylan Smith and discuss how Box was able to dramatically improve their cost structure while continuing to innovate and grow in the face of tough competition. The learnings Dylan shared from the journey Box embarked on in 2020 are broadly applicable to the challenges tech companies are facing going into 2023.
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Scale Studio Flash Update: Median Growth Steady, But Pullback in Growth of High Flyers a Warning Sign

Scale Studio Flash Updates analyze a representative sample of enterprise software startups to measure industry growth rates and the health of the SaaS market. The most recent updates were Q122, 2022 Whisper Numbers, Q421, Q321, and Q221. Note that for this update — due to recent market fluctuations — we spent some additional time acquiring a broader sample than in previous editions of our Flash Updates.
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Hypergrowth Go-to-Market: Toss Out the Playbooks and Start Experimenting Sooner

Product-Led Growth is rightly the go-to sales motion for startups tackling large addressable markets where your product can effectively do the early selling. As the first sales leadership hire at Esper, where we tackled category creation around “DevOps for Devices”, we decided to develop multiple sales motions far earlier than conventional wisdom says you should.
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