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The Liquidation Survival Guide and Model: Vol 3

With participation, they don’t have to make that choice and can get their preference while also participating in any common. Essentially, these series are double-dipping! This significantly juices the preferred returns of these participating series and reduces the non-participating preferred series and common returns.
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Growth Slows while Companies Sprint to Efficiency: Scale Studio Flash Update

No one can tell exactly what 2023 will bring, but one thing is for certain: there is a sprint to efficiency with improving burn multiples and slowing revenue growth across the board. Comparing 2022 performance with 2023 plans shows the stark reality. The slowdown in ARR Growth we saw in 2022 will result in a slowdown in GAAP Revenue Growth in 2023. At the same time, startups have tightened their belts to become more efficient.
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Scale Studio Flash Update: Median Growth Steady, But Pullback in Growth of High Flyers a Warning Sign

Scale Studio Flash Updates analyze a representative sample of enterprise software startups to measure industry growth rates and the health of the SaaS market. The most recent updates were Q122, 2022 Whisper Numbers, Q421, Q321, and Q221. Note that for this update — due to recent market fluctuations — we spent some additional time acquiring a broader sample than in previous editions of our Flash Updates.
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