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Is Your Company Growing Fast Enough? Now You Can Ask Scale Studio.


    One of the hardest things about leading a young company is feeling like you’re operating in the dark. Are we growing fast enough? Is our churn “normal”? Scale Studio is designed to reduce that uncertainty so that founders can spend more time focused on flawless execution.

    Scale Venture Partners helps innovative cloud businesses accelerate their growth during the critical path from early revenue to market leadership. Today we’re delivering Scale Studio, a new tool that gives companies – your company – valuable insight into how your growth and performance measure against your peers and the broader cloud market. You can read more about why we created Scale Studio in our beta launch announcement.

    A big part of that “why” is that metrics matter. Quite a lot in fact. Our experience as investors has taught us that a handful of performance metrics can predict a cloud company’s eventual success. Scale Studio uses a dataset that is unavailable anywhere else to benchmark your company’s performance on key metrics related to growth, sales efficiency, churn, and operating expenses — including Magic Number and iCAGR and customer retention.

    Clarity into where you are (or are not) crushing it

    Every day, I talk to entrepreneurs who tell me just how difficult decision-making can be during the first quarters and years of a company’s sales ramp. Scale Studio helps you make better decisions by answering questions like:

    Are we growing fast enough? When you’re hustling to balance growth and efficiency, the right metrics can tell you whether or not you’re on track for long-term success. Scale Studio highlights how your performance compares to cloud companies of similar size, giving insights that can help you set performance targets and align your internal teams.

    What metrics matter most? There’s an endless universe of performance metrics that a company can track. The challenge is figuring out which ones really matter. Scale Studio keeps you focused on just the key drivers of value for private cloud companies: sales and ARR growth, selling efficiency, and customer retention.

    Where do we need to invest? Every company grapples with how to allocate scarce resources across competing investment priorities. When you track your Scale Studio benchmarks over time, you’ll see quite clearly the areas where your company is out-performing or trailing comparable companies.

    It’s one thing to think that you’re crushing it — it’s quite another to know you are.

    Scale Studio is live today

    We’re really proud of Scale Studio. No one has opened up data this valuable for anyone to use. At the end of the day, Scale Venture Partners is all about helping innovative companies and talented entrepreneurs make their mark on the world.

    Getting started with Scale Studio is easy: visit or click on the Scale Studio button in our website header. We’ve streamlined account setup to require only your email address.

    Your profile page is where you decide how deep a dive you want to take. We recommend starting with the Deluxe report because it gives you dozens of valuable benchmarks all at once. But if you’re short on time, there is a Light version that gives you a quick look at how your sales growth measures up.

    Our vision is that Scale Studio becomes a go-to platform of resources that entrepreneurs can use to intelligently and effectively scale their businesses. Stay tuned for future updates from us on new features.

    Finally, we really want to know how you’re using Scale Studio. Did you learn something valuable from the benchmarks? Are there metrics you’d like to see included? Send your comments, questions, and success stories to

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